Parkway Area Tulip Tips Emerging For First Time - March 2022

Last Fall, I planted a variety of Spring bulbs in beds like I've done over the years.  I posted some photos and details of the various Allium that I planted, but I don't seem to have shared the details of the tulip bulbs that I also put in at the same time.  The problem with that is that I'm TOTALLY unsure of where I put all of the bulbs.  It appears - based on some photos I've found in Google Photos that I put in 100 Tulip bulbs.  See below for the photos - showing two bags from Longfield Gardens:

I recall planting *some* bulbs down by the parkway - both under the Norway Maple and around the 'hard to grow' area IB2DWs.  But, I'm guessing I put them in elsewhere, too and will have to track the blooms as they come up.  But, guess what?  I'm seeing some of these newly planted bulbs peek up through the mulch.  That means...Spring is ALMOST HERE.

First, around the Norway Maple tree in the parkway.  I don't know now many bulbs are here, but I remember planting them on the slope, down close to the curb.    And that's where I'm seeing these redish tiny tips peeking through the mulch this past weekend:

Here, below, is a further-out shot for context.  These are to the left (facing the house) and below the tree trunk in the mulch ring around the Norway Maple.  You have to look closely, but if you see the little spot of mulch that looks disturbed near the middle, that's where these tulips are emerging.

Where else? In that 'hard-to-grow' spot in between two driveways.  Down close to the sidewalk.  Here, below, is a few of those same red tips coming out of the ground.

And, below, is a further-out shot for context showing the edge of the driveway on the left of the photo.  You can see the tulip tips in the bottom right of the photo above the maple leaf.

Feels like the real start of the garden season, doesn't it?  So much to watch and document for the Garden Diary as it emerges from Winter dormancy.  LFG!  Garden Season is just about here.


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