Allium Tips Emerge Early - March 2023

I wrote about how I was seeing some Wild Onions appear and looked at the soil temperature tool to find out that the soil temp currently in my Zone 5b is higher than the historical averages.   I also showed how I was seeing the Daffodils emerge this past week, too. 

Those seem normal.  Or close to their history in my garden diary.

But, an Allium showing up this early? Last year (2022), I was documenting the tips of Allium bulbs emerging in early April.  This year?  See below for a look at some of them that sit on the side of the hosue at the feet of the SugarTyme Crabapple Trees:

Now, these were planted in 2021, so last Spring (2022), was their first shot at growth.  Perhaps they were just delayed.  

I'll have to get out and have a better look around to see if other Allium bulbs are emerging early, too. 


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