Wild Onions Emerge - And Soil Temperatures Are Up - March 2023

Just two days ago, I published my 2023 lawn care (feeding, amending, treating) schedule (or plan) that included a mix of synthetic and organic fertilizers as well as some amendments, insecticides and herbicides.  In that post - and the photo/post a day earlier, I talked about how part of my approach is focused on (once again) wild onions.  My first application of the year is going to be lawn lime and I'm going to try to get it down this Weekend.  

Why?  Well...because my enemy is back.  Already.  Wild Onions are popping up on the first of March.  Here, below is a photo of a little spot in one of my beds showing the tips of these bulbs have arrived.

I've posted about my approach to Wild Onion removal, treatment and remediation over the years.  Here's a few posts - one that outlines my process, another post that looks at the correlation to soil temperatures and their appearance, and a look at the pros/cons of yanking them vs treating them

Speaking of soil temperatures, I went and took a look at what things look like on GreenCast and turns out...we're WAY ahead of schedule.  Here's what it looks like right now:

This indicates that we're 10 degrees ahead of the 10 year average.  10 degrees!  That seems massive.  Time to go out to the beds and see if other things are moving earlier than they have in the past.


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