Boxwood Varieties At Home Depot - Early Spring - March 2023

Last week, I came across the initial delivery of some common trees in nursery containers at the orange big box store.  These trees were the first real sign of Spring in terms of plant material that arrived, but I knew that more was on the way.  This past week, I wandered out to the parking-lot nursery and saw a few boxwoods in various sizes.  Knowing that I want to add A LOT of boxwoods to a few spots this year, I figured I'd see what they have on hand.

First up is Green Gem.  I have a trio of these in the back

They also have a variety of Green Mountain boxwoods in 3, 2, and 1 gallon sizes.  I have one of these.  At least...I thought I had one of these.  But, it bronzed up pretty good, so I'm not sure if it was mislabeled.  This year, they have a larger one - 3 gallon.

The third variety that they had (on-hand) is Green Mound.  That's new (to me).  See below for the one gallon nursery container for $10.98.

Green Mound stays pretty small - two-to-three feet all and wide.  Could be a good one to use in the front row of the front porch or lindens mass planting or in some ways IB2DWs.

I'd like to find six larger-format Boxwoods (Green Velvet or Green Mountain) for the backrow of the Lindens.  And five smaller ones - like Green Mound or Winter Gem) in front.   Same with the front porch - six smaller ones - ideally that don't bronze. 


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