Divided and Transplanted Summer Beauty Allium - First Spring - April 2023

Last Fall, like the previous ones, I went about trying to dig up, divide and transplant some of the perennials that we have in the garden.  Why?  Well...because...they're 'free plants'.  Nothing better than that, in my mind.  One of the perennials that I went ham-on in the backyard were the multiple colonies of Summer Beauty Allium that are planted around the backyard.  I divided one clump of these Summer Beauties that were in the south beds and divided the clump into four smaller plants and planted them around the base of the Oak tree - the tree-swing tree.  Here's that post from mid-October showing the four plants.  

This Spring brings good news - as all four Summer Beauty Allium have emerged in their spots.  See below for a photo from this week showing the tips that have emerged for their first growing season in this bed:

These are WELL ahead of the hostas and grasses that are planted in this bed.  I'm looking forward to seeing these fill out this border and bringing some more 'repetition' to the garden.


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