Even More Summer Beauty Allium Divisions - October 2022

On Friday, I posted a look at my initial attempts to divide some of our existing Summer Beauty Allium clumps in our backyard to create more new, 'free' plants.  As of that post, I was up to 27 'free plants' created through division.  Pretty good.  But, I had time and knew I had a few more viable Summer Beauty Ornamental Onion plants that were large enough to divide.  I also knew that I had a spot around the front of the Tree Swing Oak tree that is currently planted with hostas, but gets more shade than hostas typically like.  So, I dug those out and relocated them back into the understory garden bed.

And, I dug up some Summer Beauty Allium from the southside beds, divided them and relocated some smaller plants to around the Tree Swing Oak tree.  Here, below, is the 'before' look - before I started to divide these.  My shovel is right in front of one of the clumps I divided.

I added some of these divisions right next to the existing colony.  See below for a peek at those small allium:

And, I brought four divisions over to the northside - around the tree swing Oak.  I planted them right in front of the newly divided Christmas Tree Hostas.  

These now fill the gap between two sets of Hakonechloa Grasses.  All Gold on the far right and traditional green on the left.    You can see one of the All Gold grasses on the right side of the photo below.  I should also note that you can see a Chocolate Chip Ajuga and my lone Green Mountain Boxwood at the top of the photo.  That Boxwood is noticeably YELLOW - which has me concerned heading into dormancy.

Putting the right plant in the right spot is something that I'm learning as I go with my garden.  I initially had hostas around this tree because that's what the designer spec'd in that border.  The problem is that, despite being *under* a very mature, large Oak tree, the angle of the sun during the summer doesn't create shade on the lawn-side of the tree.  So, it isn't a shade garden, but rather a part-sun spot.  

This is +5 new, free plants from division.  Getting my total up to 32.  

I've been happy with Summer Beauty Allium on the other side of the garden and am thinking that they'll do well here as well as bring some of that plant/color repetition to the backyard that professionals use to create a cohesive overall garden.


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