First Feeding of the Roses - April 2023

They say that roses are 'heavy eaters'.  That means that - if you have them in your garden - you should feed them every 30 days or so.  And that's what I've attempted to do over the past few growing seasons.  #16 on my 2023 to-do list is to continue with the seasonal projects - including feeding.   I'm trying to get to know these floribunda roses a bit more this season; starting with a hard prune a few weeks back

I had a little bit of leftover Rose Food from last year, so I split the bag three-ways and sprinkled the granules at the base of the three roses on the side of the house.   If you look closely at the photo below, you can also see (in addition to the rose fertilizer granules) some signs of new, green(ish-red) growth from the canes of the floribunda rose.

Here, below, is the brand (Vigoro) that I had on hand.  

If the garden diary is any guide, it seems that I have seen a flush of blooms about 30 days after feeding.  With this being the first stage, I'm guessing that isn't true for May, but should be for subsequent feedings of rose fertilizer.  


  1. I live in a suburb of Chicago and was researching if Disneyland roses with do well I. This climate and came across this website. How are yours doing? I'm hesitant to plant them up here.

    1. They are thriving. We protect them from Winter, but they bloom great for us each season. Here's a look at them late last Summer:


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