Wild Onion Removal - Clump of Bulbs

My lawn enemy - Wild Onions - are just about at their peek in Zone 5 right now.  If you wander around your neighborhood and see patches of dark green, vibrant 'grass', you're seeing one of a couple of things:  

It is either:

1.  Dog poop.  

2.  An artifact of sub-surface Fall feeding.

3.  Wild onions.   

I have a mix of all three.

But, the one I'm concerned with right now is #3:  Wild Onions.  And, I've been attacking them every Spring on multiple fronts.  I posted last month about how they had emerged.  

This Spring, I laid down Lawn Lime - to help reduce their likelihood.  I've also begun to 'burn' the tips with my torch.  I intend to get a little spray on them this coming week, too.

And, finally...I've begun to remove large clumps.  Here, below is a look at one of them:

The key to removal is to dig up MORE than you need to - and make sure you get all the bulbs.  See below for a look at the bulb clump:

I'm going to go get a couple of gallons of biosolids and then be a little bit more aggressive with the clump removal.  That way, I can re-fill the holes with organic material and hope that the grass covers the spot this growing season.  


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