14 Ajuga Chocolate Chip Plugs Planted - May 2023

2022 was the year of groundcover in my garden.  I added dozens of various carex and at the very end of the season, I found five small quart-sized Ajuga Chocolate Chip plants and stuck them in the ground.  The groundcover of my mother - vinca and pachysandra - are out.  And sedges and Ajugas are in.  At least...for me.

I was surprised (not sure why?) to find these six packs of Ajuga Chocolate Chip at the orange Big Box store - see below for the nursery tray of the six plugs:

 They carry this tag:  Bugleweed 'Chocolate Chip' - Ajuga Tenorii

I opted to put six on one side of the backyard and six on the other.

Below is a look at the curved border - kitchen window border - with the Fanal Astilbes being (now) fronted by six Ajuga Chocolate Chip.

Behind these - around the Oakleaf Hydrangeas - we are fighting Vinca that has crept over from our neighbor's yard.  I planted two of these plugs in amongst some of the vinca.  Hoping that the Ajuga can outcompete the Vinca.

On the other side of the yard, I'm battling Wild Onions.  I planted six Ajuga Chocolate Chip amongst the recently divided (last Fall) Shaggy Shield ferns (that haven't...ummm...emerged yet.  At least that's what I'm telling myself:  they'll still come back...).

Number 17 on my 2023 to-do list is to 'keeping going with groundcover'.  14 out-of-the-gate is a good start.   Of course...the fact that these come in six-packs and this post shows 14 (not 18) tells you that another post showing the location of the other four is coming soon.


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