Divided Ghost Ferns - May 2023

Last Fall, I went around and divided some of the ferns that had been clump-growing in our backyard - including one of the Japanese Ghost Ferns.  I had four of them (see this photo from last Summer) and decided to divide just one of them (read: I was scared to divide all of them) and stick the new division in the ground adjacent to the other four.   How did that division go?  See below for (now) five Japanese Ghost Ferns:

Japanese Ghost Ferns - Northern Illinois

Pretty great to see this division take and has me thinking about dividing the other three this Fall.  

However...there is another side to this fern-division story.  The Shaggy Shield Ferns that I similiarly divided last Fall?  Those divisions....didn't take.   I started with two Shaggy Shield Ferns that I split up into four ferns.  What do I have now?  Just two ferns.  

Win some (Fall perennial divisions), lose some (Fall perennial divisions).


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