Doublefile Viburnum Treeform - Back for 2nd Season - May 2023

Last Spring, I found and brought home four good-sized Viburnum shrubs that were 'treeform' - in that they had single trunks and the shrub was sort-of placed ON TOP.  I planted two of them on the northside, one in the far back and the last one as a Hydrangea replacement out front.

Welp...that one out front died.  Didn't make it.  I shouldn't have planted it there, but the Norway Maple and the mat of roots, combined with hydrophobic soil helped out and killed it.  

The other three?  They're all back for year two.  I'd say that these had just about a full growing season last year, so this is their second full season in my mind.  The two on the northside are further along that the one out back.  They both have more foliage across the tips.

First...below you can see one of the northside Viburnum.  This one is planted further West.  

And here below, is the other one - planted closer to the house.  It is full of newly emerged foliage.

Below is a photo showing the distance between the two.  One on each side of the picnic table:

The last one - is planted in the back.  It, too, has newly emerged foliage, but appears more sparse or further behind than the other two.  It is below:

The Doublefile Viburnum that is planted closest to the picnic table is already putting out Viburnum berries.  And has some neat-looking striped leaves.  See below:

Doublefile Viburnum Berries

Our plan calls for a couple more Viburnum in the way back, some point...if I find them on a deal, I'll add them.  For now, I have other priorities including the front porch bed and what you can see from the house. 


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