Treeform Doublefile Viburnum On Northside Planted - April 2022

We brought home four treeform DoubleFile Viburum a couple of weeks ago and once the Green Giant Thuja planting project (and Lilac transplanting), I got busy digging these Virurnum in the ground.

Two went in along the north side fence, one went in back the fire pit and one is going in (not yet) in the front yard bed in front of our porch.  Last Fall, I planted two Arrowwood Viburnum along the fenceline after finding them on an end-of-season close-out.  The plan calls for a number of them, but four in a line where I've planted two (meaning...two more) and a few more along the back - some of which I've sub'd out (for now) for Lilacs.   

Starting out with the two additional ones along the north side fence (see this post showing the location), I needed to put in a pair between the two existing and the spot where the Canadian Hemlocks (which....are TINY, still) will grow.  Like in the Lilac transplant landing zone, there was a scrub shrub standing which needed to come out so it wouldn't out-compete one of these Viburnum.  I took a spade shove and a mattock to it and was able to pop out the stump.  See below:

After removing that stump, I was able to put the Doublefile Viburnum in - and you can see that it stands (right now) about the height of the low fence on this side - so if it works here, it will provide some nice screening:

Here, below, is an annotated version of that same photo.   Purple ovals: Chicago Lustre Arrowwood Viburnum from 2021.  Green ovals:  newly planted Doublefile Viburnum treeform.  Blue circle:  the pair of Hicks upright Yews that I planted last year that I'm HOPING will (eventually) grow to become topiary-able.  

I'll take some photos of the other two of these shrubs that are planted (one in way back, one in front), but I'm feeling good about the 'shrubs' item on my 2022 to-do list after these have gone in.  


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