Hacksaw Hostas Persisting - Backyard - June 2023

Last year, we planted a tiny (but unique) hosta called a Hacksaw Hosta in the backyard.  I placed it in amongst some other shade plants and mostly forgot about it.  Then, the rabbits found it and ate it all up.  I figured it was gone.  So, imagine my delight when I see not just ONE small Hacksaw hosta emerging from the wood mulch.  But...two of them.  See below for the pair of (tiny) Hacksaw Hostas:

Young Hacksaw Hostas

I've already repurposed one of the chicken wire rings to protect these tender hostas from the dang rabbits.  And, I sprinkled a little bit of municipal biosolids around the base of these to try to give them a tiny bit of a boost. 


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