Tree Seedling - Backyard Tree Nursery - Check-in - June 2023

Starting back in 2021, I started to grow some tree seedlings from collected tree seeds in little containers on our patio.  I started with Kentucky Coffee Tree seedlings.  Then, added some Catalpa trees.  And then last year, I tried to add some flowering shrub cuttings - with Limelight Hydrangea

By last Summer, I had a number of trees that had grown into some tiny trees.  

I have overwintered these tree pots in the ground and each Spring, most of the seedlings have come back.  Below are a few photos showing the current state of these trees - first with some Kentucky Coffee tree seedings that are in one-gallon containers:

And, last Fall, I collected a number of tree seed nuts (Oaks, Pecan, Chestnut) and stuck them in a container of wet sand to winter stratify in the fridge.  I planted a bunch of those seeds this Spring and have had mixed results - some germination.  Below you can see some trays showing the results of that seed collection as well as some cutting experiments. 

I have a few Oak tree seedlings that have emerged.  And, I'm currently trying to root hydrangeas, boxwoods and even the Disneyland Rose.

The limelight Hydrangea from last year has persisted, but (so far), I haven't been able to keep any other hydrangea cuttings to survive.  I'll be upgrading a number of these plants to one-gallon containers this weekend to give them more room to root.


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