Campanula Poscharskyana - Blue Waterfall In Bloom - Summer 2023

Editor's Note: While this post is going up in mid-July, the first photo showing this blue bloom in our garden are from mid-June.  I wanted to get this into the [garden diary] before I forgot about it.  

Last year, we bought and planted a single ground cover plant from Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin that has blue blooms called Campanula Poscharskyana or Blue Waterfall.   I stuck it into the little understory garden behind the River Birch clump and amongst some other Roy Diblik-sold plants.  

Northwind calls this Campanula 'vigorous' and after one season, I'd say that's true. Below is a photo showing this groundcover in mid-June 2023 in what I'd consider full-bloom.

As you can see, it is spreading out in every direction with blue/purple-lined runners.  And has a cluster of green foliage in the center that is taller than those runners.  We don't have a ton of flowers in our garden, so having this in bloom is nice in this section.  Also, like every other gardener, trying to find blues that work in the garden is a GOAL, so this one is nice.    It also bloomed for a while - with the blooms lasting just about a month.  

Below is a current photo - showing just a few blooms.  Not sure if this is another 'flush' of blooms, or just some lagging ones.

Last year, I added quite a bit of groundcover.  This year, #17 on my to-do list was to 'keep going with groundcover'.  I'm thinking that if I get back up to Northwind this Summer, I should buy a couple more of these to fill in some of the edges of the borders in a few spots.  


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