Two Green Mountain Boxwoods Planted - Firepit - July 2023

After the mass boxwood planting under the Linden trees earlier this Summer, I ended up with two very small (1#) Green Mountain Boxwoods that were leftover from the project.  When I started with that mass planting, I was using a mix of Green Mountain and Green Velvet.  After some hemming-and-hawing, I ended up planting only Green Velvet - mostly due to their smaller mature size.

So, these two Green Mountain boxwoods have been siting around and I was able to get to planting them in the border around the fire pit in back.  See below for their location.

A few notes on these - in relation to my task list for the growing season:

1.  #1 on my 2023 to-do list was to focus on evergreens.  Add two more to the planting list.  I planted five new evergreens in front.   A columnar Scotch Pine in back.  And now 13 more (11 + 2) Boxwoods.  That's 18 evergreen shrubs and one tree - 19 in total.  Pretty good.

2.  #15 on my 2023 to-do list was to 'upgrade the fire pit area'.  These two evergreen shrubs add to the list of things done this season...including:  planting a climbing hydrangea, a Japanese Maple, adding more gravel, adding a few more chairs and some permanent posts to hold up bistro lighting.  


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