Firesticks Succulent - Five Years Now - August 2023

Earlier this Summer, the small Firesticks succulent (is it a cactus? I think so?) made its annual migration from indoors to outdoors.  First...staying in the shade for a couple of weeks.  Then, moving to a little bit more sun.  

This container-grown cactus lived in the basement all Winter and seemed to come out the other side in decent shape.  I barely watered it and it barely grew.  But...When I moved it outside and gave it some water, it started to take-off again.

The last time that I captured a photo of this Firesticks succulent was more than a year ago - February 2022.  It continues to grow and the current state is below:

It is easy to see that there is a ton of new, fresh growth.  Those yellow-going-on-red tips are the tell.  

It seems happy in this small container and I'm not in a hurry to move it to something bigger since I'm seeing so much growth.  I suppose that's something that I need to start to look at and figure out if it would benefit from a larger home.  

It has come a long way since we started in 2018.  It was tiny back then.  Hard to believe that we've had it for going on five years. 


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