Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangea Summer Update - August 2023

Just a few days ago, I posted photos of three (happy) Little Lime Hydranges in our backyard garden.  They are NOT the only dwarf varieties of hydrangeas that we have planted.  We also have three Oakleaf hydrangeas - Little Honey - that are from the Morton Arboretum plant sale.  I put them in the ground in May of 2022.  These were gobbled up/gnawed-on by the dang rabbits, so I protected them all Winter.

All three re-emerged this year with foliage.  But, of them has taken a turn.  See below for the current state of these three.  Clearly a 'good', 'middle' and 'bad', right?

Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangea

They all appear to be dealing with similar conditions:  light and water.  One of them is a TINY bit closer to a large Black Walnut tree, but I don't think that could be the issue.  Could it?

I'll keep an eye on the troubled one, but my hunch is that it may NOT make it through this year.


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