Mugo Pine - Two Years In Ground - August 2023

Planted in the Fall of 2021, our Mugo Pine is (now...almost two years later) still a small, evergreen shrub.   I last looked at it a little over a year ago (August 2022), when it was looking good - green and compact and full of needles.   Early this past Winter (November 2022), the dang rabbits went at this thing and gnawed off a bunch of the tips.  And...the little jerks just left them there.  

Of course, that meant that a chicken wire ring needed to be put up to protect it from the pests.  Like the Toad Lilies, I've left this chicken wire ring up all Summer.  

Here, below, is what the Mugo Pine looks like below.  First, a look from the top-down.  Then, from the side-on:

It has put on some height this year and has opened-up a bit.  What was dense and compact last year is now a little more airy.  The tips are full of longer needles that are reaching up-and-out.  I don't have a ton of conifers, so looking at this one makes me think I should be adding some to my Fall 2023 to-do list.  After all...#1 on my 2023 to-do list was to add even more evergreens.  


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