Serendipity Allium - Late Bloomer - August 2023

Back in the Summer of 2021, I planted three Serendipity Allium - Ornamental Onions - in the IB2DWs bed along with some other blue/purple plants.   I'm pretty sure that I saw someone on YouTube talk about these as a close cousin to a plant that I love (and have planted in a lot of places) - Allium Summer Beauty.  The foliage of Serendipity is different than Summer Beauty - perhaps you'd describe it as more 'strap-y'.  But, the concept is *mostly* the same.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was away from my yard and garden for more than a week recently and when I came back, I felt like I was 'seeing' or 'discovering' some new (to me) things about growth and bloom-time.  

That idea - bloom-time - is what this post is about and why I'm posting this in the garden diary.  

Here, below, is a peek at the two (remaining) Serendipity Alliums IB2DWs - in full bloom this late in August.  Note...there are just two of these Alliums left, one has died.

Compared to the Summer Beauty, these have bloomed longer and are still in bloom in late August.  The Summer Beauties? They are past their bloom and look white/grey with seed heads.  

I've learned from last Fall that Summer Beauty Alliums are good candidates for division - so I'm going to plan on digging up one of these and dividing it 3x this Fall.  


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