Bald Cypress Tree - IB2DWS - Summer Update - September 2023

A couple weeks shy of five-years-ago, we planted a tiny Bald Cypress tree in our front yard.  At the time, i was dealing with a 'clay bowl' or 'bathtub effect' in the area (on a different tree), so we went beyond in terms of digging a 'five-dollar-hole'.  Five years later, I can saw - without a doubt - that this Bald Cypress is the most successful tiny tree that we've had since we started here in Downers.  Not only has the tree survived, it has put on A LOT of size.  Height and width and even caliper. I last measured it a year ago when it was just about a 3.5" caliper tree.  

Today?  I haven't done the caliper (yet), but by the eye-test?  It has grown even bigger. See below for the current - late Summer state of our Bald Cypress that sits in-between-two-driveways.

Having learned my lesson on pruning small trees, I've left this one alone totally.  Not a prune.  At least on our side.  Turns out...when our neighbors built their new driveway, this tree ended up being pretty close to the edge.  That has meant that they need to prune some of the lower limbs down to shorter-lengths.  

But, the time has come to limb-up this tree:  come late Winter, I'll plan on removing the bottom four-or-five feet of limbs and making it appear more 'tree-like' ( least...traditional tree-like with an exposed trunk and a crown/canopy on top).  

I've learned (at least...I'd like to think that I've learned) that any pruning of ANYTHING right now (early September) is a recipe for disaster.  Lop'ing off limbs would send signals to the tree to put out new growth.  When...the tree should be focusing on storing up energy for the long, cold Winter. plan is to wait.  Until very late Winter...before I see any new growth/new needles emerge.  Then, we'll clean this tree up and set it up for success next growing season.


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