Elephant Ear Foliage - Tropicals As Bedding Plants - September 2023

A brief, visual update on a few of the Elephant Ear bulbs that I planted in the landscape as bedding plants - lending a tropical vibe to the garden (underneath the kitchen windows).  I last posted about these in July when the foliage was just showing up and unfurling.  Here, below is what they look like currently - in early/mid September.  Some of the leaves are REALLY big.

Elephant Ear Bulbs Planted In the Landascape

Are they the largest leaves we've ever had?  I'm not sure, but they sure look like the largest - compared to these previous giants.  

The bulbs in the corner container are growing big leaves, too.  See below:

Next year, I'd like to try the black-stemmed version that I spotted at the Morton Arboretum earlier this Summer, but if I can't find those, I'll still turn to these traditional Esculentas as I've made them a 'seasonal' addition to our garden - in both containers and in the ground.  Maybe next year they'll go over by the Disneyland Roses to fill in some of those gaps, too.


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