Firewood Consumption Pre-Fall Order Check-in - September 2023

September is firewood-figurin' season around here.  It is the time when I typically place our seasonal order for firewood for the Winter.  I went out to look at how things were shaping up (currently) and then I figured I'd wander through the archives to see what history tells me. 

Lets start where we were a year ago and where we are today.

A little bit under a year ago - pre-order - the racks looked like this. The two outdoor - side-of-garage racks were empty, the rack on the top of the stoop by my office was empty.  And the inside-the-screened-porch racks were mixed (small one half-full, large one was full on bottom and half-full on top).  

I ordered 3 Facecords in September of 2022.  Oak, Cherry and Hickory.  We used a lot of wood last year - here's January's status.  

Today, here's what those racks look like:  The two outdoor side-of-garage racks have been emptied of the kiln-dried wood.  The stoop rack is empty, too.  Inside the screened porch, the small rack is half-full and the taller rack is full.  I'd say that I'm about 20-pieces of wood ahead from where I was in September of 2022.   Below are photos of the firewood in September 2023:'re probably saying to yourself: said the garage racks were empty.  The photo you posted shows the left side jammed full.  What gives?

Well, first of all...that's a good eye.  Yes, the rack is full.  Of Split Norway Maple.  I started in October of 2022.  And filled this rack in November of 2022 and this wood has seasoned in place.

What about the rest of the wood in back?  It is a mix of Ash, Norway Maple and other things like Mulberry and Hackberry.  Here's where they stand as of early/mid-September 2022 - below.  First, the long rack in the back.  The first two photos show both sides.  I'd say that this rack is about half-way split/stacked with a number of (mostly easy-to-split) rounds remaining.  

From there, is the secondary rack/stump section.  These are the 'harder-to-split' pieces with big knots/limbs/twists in them that I've been working on a little bit at a time. 

Further over to the north are a pair of racks - first...the one closer to the house is full of Spring/Summer-split Norway Maple and the pieces are all the 'right size'.  The other rack - further back - is a bunch of random split wood, but also home to the misfit logs.  Pieces that are short or long.  or not cleanly split into something that stacks easily. 

That last rack is what I consider 'firepit' firewood.  Not for use in the house.  But the rest?  I suppose, I could burn it in the house. is dirty, which kiln-dried isn't.  

What comes next?  Well...I probably need to order three facecords.  And, then move the wood from the side-of-the-garage back to the far-back racks to make room.  Then, I have to finish the rest of the wood - in terms of processing.  But, that might be a Winter 23/24 activity?


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