Mounted Staghorn, Ummm, Mounts A Comeback - September 2023

Here's a truth:  Staghorn Ferns take work.  I said that as #19 on my 2023 to-do list and while I've had ups-and-downs with my Staghorn Fern collection, I'm sharing a small win today.  In terms of Staghorn inventory, I (now) have two mounted ferns and one container fern.  One of the mounted ferns is troubled, but the other one?  It seems to be doing well.  Why do I say that?  Because I'm seeing shield fronds emerging.  Some?  Yes.  Two of them.  See below for both of the shield fronds on a mounted Staghorn Fern:

Staghorn Fern Basal Frond New Growth

Staghorn Fern Basal Frond New Growth

I haven't had much success with the growth of these shield or basal fronds, but earlier this year the Staghorn in the container threw up a big, green basal frond.  

I have one empty board as the Elkhorn Fern that I mounted last Winter didn't make it through the dry conditions inside.  


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