Spring Grove Ginkgos - Late Summer - September 2023

Earlier this year (May), I planted a pair of dwarf Ginkgo trees - Spring Grove Ginkgos - on either side of our back stoop.  I was planning on planting *something new* here, but I didn't plan on these - rather, I just came across them and decided to go this route.   I posted about them one-month-post-planting and they seemed to be doing well and getting established.  But...I knew the hard, hot, dry part of the Summer was coming and I wanted to be sure these dwarf trees were set up to succeed.  We were gone for a large part of the Summer, so I decided to set up a some timed irrigation and then covered these in shade cloth.  Yeah...I covered them for months at a time to keep them from drying out and burning. 

I recently took the shade cloths off - thinking the heat of the Summer is behind us.  What happened under the shade cloth was quite A LOT of new growth.  But, that new growth was *very* tender because it was being protected from the sun.  When I first took the shade cloth off, I would alternate days - one day on, one day off - for about a week when I finally took it down for the season.

That tender growth has received some scorch, but overall the trees seem to be doing well.  

Below are a few photos showing the current shape/form of the pair of Spring Grove Ginkgos.  First, the one on the left (as you face the house).  It has put on new size and massed-up some of the foliage.

Spring Grove Ginkgo - Summer Growth

And second - below- is the one on the right (as you face the house).  This one started larger and has maintained that size advantage by putting on even more size.

Spring Grove Ginkgo - Summer Growth

I'm quite interested in seeing how these overwinter.  I'm going to plan on going to the mulch pit and getting some wood chips to help much these in to help protect them.  

Here's a closer look at the Spring Grove (dwarf) Ginkgo foliage:

Spring Grove Ginkgo Tree - Dwarf Ginkgo

Spring Grove Ginkgo Tree - Dwarf Ginkgo

Spring Grove Ginkgo Tree Leaves - Dwarf Ginkgo

Spring Grove Ginkgo Tree - Dwarf Ginkgo

Spring Grove Ginkgo Tree - Dwarf Ginkgo


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