8 More Ajuga Chocolate Chip Planted In Front - October 2023

Looking at my 2023 to-do list, there are a number of items that sort-of 'work together'.  Like...evergreens and under the lindens.  #3 (improve the front porch bed) and #17 (keep going with groundcover) are like that:  they work together.

This post is the lastest in my 'Fall Planting' series and focuses on groundcover - specifically Ajuga Chocolate Chip.  The past week or so, I bought two small ones from Lowe's and a six-pack from the orange big box store.  Fall Planting in full swing.

I tucked the two larger ones in the island bed on the stair-side of the Karl Foerster Grasses.  Below is how they look from the driveway:

And below is the view from the stairs; the two groundcover plants are tucked in close and will (hopefully) fill in this area with a sort-of 'living mulch'.

The six-pack is like the ones that I planted earlier this year:

I put three of the six in that same island bed, but this time on the driveway side:

And, I put the other three in a line on the far southside of that same front porch bed - bordering the lawn:

I mentioned earlier this week when I planted the two Voodoo Sedums that I had (now) 36 groundcover plants added this year.  

With these eight (and the Burgundy Glow Ajuga from yesterday), I'm now at 45.  Wow. 


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