Autumn Moor Grass - Peak Season - October 2023

Back earlier this Summer, I bought and planted eight Autumn Moor Grasses - Sesleria Autumnalis - from Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin.  They went in a staggered planting in our front porch beds to provide two things:  something interesting in front of the boxwoods that wasn't too tall AND something that would come up after the large Allium foliage begins to die back and would hid the dying leaves.  

One of the things at all gardeners chase is the notion of a four-season garden.  You want things to be interesting and in-bloom in Spring, Summer and Fall.  And, ideally have a little winter show during dormancy.  That notion - of bloom time coupled with their short height - is what sold me on these Autumn Moor Grasses.  They show strong in the Fall.  Here we are on October 1st and what do they look like in their first year?  Like real stars:

Autumn Moor Grass - Sesleria Autumnalis

They're just what I wanted - with low, mounding foliage and see-thru seed heads that rise up above.  The Dusty Miller volunteers sort-of obscured a lot of these this year, but the ones on the edge are showing off right now.  

Another look is below - where I can see a few things going on:  the Green Velvet boxwood in the back, the Autumn Moor Grass in the middle along with a couple of clumps of Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip', a patch of Angelina Sedum and the white tips of those Dusty Miller volunteers. 

Autumn Moor Grass - Sesleria Autumnalis

What have I learned as I have been getting to know these grasses and the Ajuga?  That I need more of both.  I could think of a dozen places to put the Ajuga.  And, I'm thinking that I can use the Autumn Moor Grasses IB2DWs in a few colonies, too.  


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