Sesleria Autumnalis and Summer Beauty Alliums Planted - Front Porch Beds - June 202

The front porch bed continues to be a spot in our garden where I've focused some of my attention this season.  It was #3 on my 2023 to-do list - to plant out that bed after the Norway Maple tree was removed last Fall and a small Triumph Elm was planted.  In early May, I posted a 'plan' of sorts for the bed that included the planting of a short, compact grass along with some clumping Alliums in front, backed by some new Boxwoods, Disneyland Roses, grasses and some flowering shrubs. 

How have I done so far this year?

I worked the soil conditions - using biosolids in a vertical, deep-dug mulching exercise.  Then, I dug out and transplanted a Boxwood to the back.

Once the slate was clean, I started to plant.  First, with three bareroot Disneyland roses.  Then, I planted five Green Velvet boxwoods (1 gallon small ones).   And most recently, I planted a new Fire Light Hydrangea shrub where I had previously had a Vanilla Strawberry variety.  

Here's the list that I outlined earlier this year:

Today, I'm sharing some details of the grasses and Allium.  Earlier this month, I stopped at Northwind Perennial Farm and bought 8 quarts of a Moor Grass and 8 quarts of Summer Beauty Ornamental Onion.  

First...the grasses. Northwind offers a variety of grasses, but I ended up buying Sesleria Autumnalis - over Sesleria Heufleriana.  Mostly because they are listed as being 'shorter'.  And, they flower/bloom in the Fall - which is unique.  

Below is the sign at Northwind for both varieties:

I brought home eight quarts of Autumn Moor Grass that look really great.  See below for a few photos of these small, compact grasses:

I also bought eight quart containers of Allium Summer Beauty - which was commercialized by Roy Diblik of Northwind.  No better place to buy Summer Beauty, right?

I opted to plant the Autumn Moor Grasses in a staggered pattern in front of the Gladiator Alliums - you can see them set up in their containers below:

And, here below, is how they look now that they are planted.  You'll also note that the marigolds are in (French Marigolds) along with Dusty Millers - which returned from last year.  

I planted the eight Summer Beauty Allium in front of the small Green Velvet Boxwoods - further out. 

I can use 3-4 more of each the Autumn Moor Grass and the Summer Beauty Allium.  I'll get those on my next trip to Northwind.  

Going back to the list of plants required for the front porch bed - to consider it complete, let's (again) look at how we're doing now that these 16 perennials have gone in:

In terms of my original plan, the only things remaining are some ground cover via Ajuga Chocolate Chips.   And...then...we wait.  Everything that I've put in is pretty small.  But, I've used my secret weapon - biosolids - to plant them in.  So, I'm hoping they'll get off to a strong start and put on some size this year and come into their own later next growing season. 

I also intend to extend this bed a bit - out front - and create a stronger edge.  And, once they finish, I think I need to move the Allium Gladiator bulbs *behind* the Boxwoods.  The foliage is browing-out and I think that needs to be hidden behind the evergreen foliage of the shrubs. 


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