Limelight Hydrangea From Cutting - Container Upsizing in Fall - October 2023

Last month, I provided an update on some of the nursery stock that I've been growing from seeds and cuttings including a look at the (then) one-year-old Limelight Hydrangea that I have been growing from a cutting.   The small shrub has been putting on some size and has two primary trunks that have emerged from the cutting that now have more than eight sets of leaves growing up the (now) 12-inch-or-so shrub.  They were originally planted in a small one quart nursery pot - that you can see below.

The roots were peeking out the bottom of the small container, so I figured it was time to upgrade this to a one-gallon pot.  See below for the roots that have emerged after one year in the quart container:

Here, below, is the 'after' - the Limelight Hydrangea in its new one-gallon nursery pot that I've put back in the landscape to live out the rest of the growing season.  I'll do what I've done in the past - dig these in the ground an mulch them in - to overwinter. 

Limelight Hydrangea Grown from Cutting - One Year Old

My 2023 to-do list included a few relevant items - around cuttings and working these seedlings.  I'd say that this helps towards those goals - up-potting my Limelight Hydrangea.   It also is a good reminder to keep this item on the list - growing shrubs from cuttings - for next year.  


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