Matcha Ball Ash Leaf Spirea Planted - Front Porch Bed - October 2023

The #FallPlanting beat goes on with a new (to me) shrub that I planted in the front porch bed - sort-of tucked in between the new (this year) Disneyland Roses and the tiny Green Velvet Boxwoods.  

Was this in the plan that I had in mind?  Nope.

Then...why would it go here?

The answer to that is, of course rooted in Fall nursery sales.  But, a good price wouldn't be enough to get me to make the leap.  Nope.

What made this all come together is this specific shrub:  A Matcha Ball Ash Leaf Spirea.  Here, below, is the young shrub planted in its spot in my front porch bed:

Matcha Ball Ash Leaf Spirea Planted

What's so special about this shrub? can tell a lot by just looking at it.  Here's what First Editions says about it:

Forming a perfect round ball fern-like leaves cover Matcha Ball® in a fresh shade of green, much like Matcha tea. When the leaves first emerge in very early spring, the leaves and petioles have hints of red and orange-peach that ultimately mature to green in the summer and yellow in the fall. Matcha Ball® sparsely blooms, which helps it maintain a tight round form throughout the growing season.
Perfect round ball.  Nice

Fern-like.  Love that.

Hits of red and orange-peach in Spring.  Tell me more.

Yellow in fall.  That's sounds lovely.

It is a well-behaved, multi-season, Japanese-garden-inspired-fitting shrub?  Can't miss with that, right?

Here's the front/back of the tags below:


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