Silver Mound Artemisia - Planted October 2023

Influenced?  Or inspired?  What do you call it when you come across something on Instagram (or YouTube) that shows you something new, isn't pushing a product but...does...indeed compel you to act - and purchase something.  I'm going to say that I was inspired.  Not influenced.  

And that inspiration came from seeing a 'white garden' that was planted up with silver and white perennials and exposed me to something new (to me):  Artemisia.  

There are a few varieties that you'll see out at the nursery, but the one that I think might be the biggest (not the best) in the trade is Silver Mound Artemisia.  It is a soft-texture white plant that Walters Garden describes as a 'cushion'.  Here's what they say:

Aptly named, 'Silver Mound' has soft, feathery foliage and forms a compact, silky, cushion-like mound. It has many applications in the garden including: edging, rock gardens, pots, or a filler plant for hot, dry areas. It has long been one of the most popular silver foliage plants.
A cushion-like mound.  Lovely, right? 

The two 1# nursery pots that I came across (at the end-of-season sale) weren't so much mounds.  As...mats.  The centers were mostly bare and the plant had sort of flopped over and flattened out.  I still thought that they'd work well IB2DWS, so I brought them home.  Here they are pre-planting - after hanging around my driveway for about a week.  I was seeing some tiny bits of new growth in the center - which was encouraging:

Silver Mound Artemisia

Silver Mound Artemisia

Where did I put them?  In Between Two Driveways, of course.  Edging for hot, dry areas.  Check and check.  

Working well with the recently-divided Elijah Blue Fescue grasses?  Don't mind if I do.

Silver Mound Artemisia - Planted in Bed - in Fall


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