Dividing Eliajah Blue Fescue in Fall - October 2023

Earlier this month, I identified the Elijah Blue Fescue ornamental grasses that are planted in the IB2DWs bed were ready to divide.  One of them was suffering from 'center rot', while the other ones were just not performing.  Were they suriving?  Yeah...but not doing what I wanted them to do.  So, I've opted to include them in my annual 'Fall Dividing' program.  

I started the  process with three Elijiah Blue Fescue clumps that I planted in April of 2022.   I took the one with center rot and pulled it out:

And, I pulled out the other two and divided them.   Here, below, is a look at the 'best' one of the bunch with a nice root ball:

I used my Hori Hori to divide the clumps.  Like the Everillo sedges that I divided recently, it wasn't as easy as dividing grasses.  The root system is different and not-as-easily 'splitable'.   See below for a Elijah Blue Fescue grass divided in the Fall:

I started with three and now I have six small Blue Fescue clumps.  At least one of which...based on the roots that came along with the division...I don't expect to make it.  I put them back down in the same spot; here's what that little section of blue grasses looks like as they prepare to head into winter:

Fall Dividing Elijah Blue Fescue Grass Clumps

Keeping track of all Fall-dividing things here, my count for Fall 2023 is:


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