Thanksgiving Tradition: The Last Waltz - 2023

 Thanksgiving will be great if you do four things and four things only1.

1.  Get outside and do something.  We, thanks to Nat do a Turkey Trot.  But, if you do a Turkey Bowl or just a walk.  That's good.

2.  Eat. A lot.  This one is easy.  Everybody does it.

3.  Watch some football.  Same as #2 above.  Easy peasy.

4.  Enjoy (at least part) of The Last Waltz from The Band.   Or Get Back from The Beatles and Peter Jackson - if that's more your thing.  

This is the 17th year that I've blogged about The Last Waltz and 14th year-in-a-row.  

1. [This is a silly list and, of course, YMMV.]


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