Another Year of Blogging - 2023 (366 Posts)

Another year, another round of 365 posts.  Well, in this case, I'm going to close 2023 with 366 posts - because I posted twice on November 23rd due to Thanksgiving and needing to squeeze in a post about The Last Waltz.   I've been keeping up with daily blog posting for eight years straight - dating back to 2015.  I've gone back and edited out (reverted back to draft status) a few posts over the years that I thought might be best as drafts.  But, overall, I've kept up with posting daily - mostly in spurts.  

Just across those eight years, I've posted close to 3000 blog posts here - as a stretch.  Translated to days, that makes 3000 days-in-a-row that I've had something published.  SUSDAT, indeed.  The Blogspot CMS lists 4,727 posts published here - not counting this one.

I'll save the categorization for another day - my hunch is that the vaaaast majority of my posts in 2023 were of the [garden diary] variety and I suspect that won't change much in 2024.   I need to get around to writing my 2024 gameplan as by the end of January 2023, I had already started to sketch out my 'priority areas' for the year.    

2024 will mark my 20th anniversary of Blogging; my first post from 2004.  Twenty years.  Holy cow.  I met my wife when I was a blogger.  Have had five jobs while I've been a blogger.  Raised three kids while I was a blogger.  I'll get to all of that - and more - in my 20th Anniversary blog post (that is...if I remember to write one come February).

But, I'm also hoping, though....that 2024 will be the year of the pizza oven project.  I'm talking about a major upgrade from our Ooni to a wood-burning, masonry dome oven in our backyard.  I've started (a little) planning and researching, but have so much more to learn and understand before we can kick the project off in Spring with excavation.  (I also have to *finally* decide the location.)

I also wonder if 2024 is the year where publishing on the Web finally returns1.   TikTok is making that awfully hard with what is going on over there.  But, the Web will win in the end, won't it?  Open is always better than closed.  The Web is the most open platform ever created and although people have abandoned it (for now), they'll come back.  They'll come back to first reading the Web.  And then, they'll come back to writing on the Web.    When it does, I'll still be here; blogging on my own domain.  At least...that's the plan.

1. [I suppose I should note that recipe bloggers NEVER left the Web. They - and the stories they write at the top of their recipe posts that nobody wants to read and we all just scroll-through - are still here, on the Web. Like me.]


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