Compost Bins - Full in Early Winter - December 2023

My compost bins grew this Fall - from two bins and a tumbler to three bins and a tumbler.  I've long wanted to add that third bin, but it took this Fall's leaves to compel me to act.  Below, you can see the new third bin - on the left - and this photo serves as an 'early winter' snapshot of our three bins (in terms of how full they are) as the composting process slows down with the temperature drops:

The new bin (on the left) is almost exclusively leaves.  The pumpkins that you see in the middle bin are there (for now) as I break them down into chunks and layer them in every time I add more leaves to the new 3rd bin.  I put in a bunch of leaves on top --> chop up chunks of pumpkins --> layer them on top of the leaves in the 3rd bin.  I've done that for the top 12-inches-or-so and as that bin continues to compress I'll keep adding leaves.  

One other thing to note:  on the bottom right, there are two white plastic garbage bags that are laying around.  Those are full of leaves, too.   I'm attempting a slightly different leaf mold approach with those bags.  Come Spring, I'll dump them out and see what happened all Winter.  

If I get up for it, I might go and turn the bins this Winter - to help speed up the decomposition and creation of that 'Black Gold'.  


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