December Lawn Fertilizer - Dormant Feeding - December 2023

I put down 72 pounds of Forever Green Natural Lawn Food in the front yard, parkway and IB2DWs and 72 pounds of the stuff in the backyard.  I've done this type of late-season dormant lawn fertilizing for the past few seasons.  Here's last year's - where I used e-corganite.  And, I used the same E-Corganite from Menards in 2021, too.  

They switched to carrying this Forever Green Natural Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer which has an N-P-K of 4-3-0.  I applied it pretty heavy and spread it right on top of the small, chopped-up leaves that I have been mowing into the lawn. 

I won't apply a fertilizer on the lawn until I put down a pre-emergent (with fertilizer) in the late Spring. 

Well...if you call the topdressing with municipal biosolids 'feeding' (which it is), then I'll probably go sooner than pre-emergent.  

2023 lawn care season is now wrapped.   Can I do better next year?  Probably.  


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