ECorganite For Winter Guard Lawn Fertilizer - November 2022

Like I've done the past few years, I attempted to lay out a lawn care (feeding and treatment) schedule this year by listing what I was planning to do to the front and back lawns.  This year's schedule was posted in March. did I do?  

I'd call it a mixed grade. 

I started out with a synthetic weed and feed in March.  Good.  

I skipped adding lime to the backyard to help treat the wild onions.  But, I did, remove a few more emerging clumps.  Not so good.  

I also skipped insect and grub treatments.  Ran out of time.  Not good.

And skipped fungicide.  Also...not good.

I also skipped 4th of July and Labor day feedings in the backyard.  

But, what did I do?  I detathed, aerated the backyard.   Good.

I also identified and treated Nimblewill in the backyard.  Good. 

And, most importantly...I overseeded the entire backyard with a blend of Kentucky Blue Grass and Tall Fescue.   And, I kick-started that process with a pre-germination of the seed in 5-gallon buckets.  Very good.  

Which brings me to this past weekend:  I applied four bags of E-Corganite organic granular fertilizer to the lawn as a dormant feeding.  1 bag in the front yard.  3 bags in the back.  I did this same Winter feeding last year.  

Here, below, are a couple of photos - showing the four bags of E-Corganite (from Menards) and the first bag and spreader in our front lawn.  

This is the second season that I've used e-Corganite Nitrogen Fertilizer in our lawn - with Spring 2021 being when I introduced it to my process.  While the price of Milorganite has gone way up, Menards has kept e-Corganite down near $12 a bag.  

#11 on my 2022 to-do list was to continue my progress on the lawn.  I skipped a few feedings in back this year - on purpose - because I knew I was going to be doing a renovation back there.  I've seen some weeds pop up back there with all the watering I did this Fall, so job one next year is to apply both a pre-emergent early in the season, follow it with both spot spraying and a late-Spring weed-and-feed.


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