Happy Festivus, Georgie! December 2023

The "Make Festivus Official" Movement has been making a good point:  there are so many holidays (Boss' Day).  Why not make Festivus an official holiday?  I suppose, that might fly DIRECTLY in the face of what Frank Constanza was trying to achieve (Celebrating an alternative to the pressures and crass commercialism (and fighting over dolls) that come with the holidays) when he created Festivus, so I can hear both sides of the argument here.

What am I dreaming about when it comes to Festivus?  That, when my kids grow up, they'll pick up the phone (or whatever device they have) on December 23rd and call their old man to wish him a "Happy Festivus".  A guy can dream, right?

This is the 9th year where I've marked Festivus on the 23rd of December on my blog.  The past posts:


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