More V2 Winter Arrangements - More Wild - December 2023

A few days ago, I shared a photo of what I'm calling V2 of my Winter Arrangements for 2023.  The first one - where I learned a bit - was in the Santa planter.  V2 is a series of four in various vases from GoodWill that I picked up over the weekend.  

Below is a photo the second of the four in the V2 Series that we gave to my Sister (Equation Boy/Man's wife).  This one (as the title of the post suggests) is a bit more wild (I'm not sure that's the right word, but it is the one I'm using...for now) and has no color in it aside from green.  Just like the others, this one is foraged but for the eucalyptus.  Has a couple of large pine branches that have some cones on them and a big bolt of juniper that is covered in berries.  This one lacks the crabapple branch(s) and has more eucalyptus and curly will branches.  This vase is a bit shorter and has a wider mouth, so the arrangement is wider with the branches splaying out the sides. 

There are distinct, established 'styles' of arrangements that have been adopted by the industry - terms like 'compact' and 'loose and wild' as well as shapes; things like the "S-shape" and fan-shape and crescent-shape.  I've *barely* begun to look at online resources for arrangements, but thus far I've been mostly guided by instinct.   This one is certainly 'loose and wild'


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