New Compost Bin Sign: Feed Me - December 2023

It was just a few days back that I mused about adding a little personality to our garden via the addition of a way-finding sign on our compost bins.  I was seeing that various users from our house (ahem aheam...the kids) were dumping our kitchen waste in the bin that I was viewing as 'cooking' instead of the storage (not properly mixed bin) that I can get to over time.  

I posted about the signage because I wanted to remind myself to make one this Spring.  But, I found myself with a tiny bit of time and decided to just jump on it right now.  This *is* 2024, right?  At least in terms of gardening seasons, I'm call it 2024.

I had some cut-offs of cedar pickets that I used for a different project laying around, so I grabbed one of them and some paint.  I painted the words "Feed Me" on the board in white.  Outlined in a navy blue.  Then, spray a topcoat (clear) on top of the paint in an attempt at making the sign lasting just.a.little.bit.longer than it would normally.  Below are the photos:

I had a couple of screw-in hooks on hand in our hardware inventory, so I grabbed those, screwed them into the back of the board and hung it on the newest (furthest left) bin that I'm using as the storage bin (for now).  See below for the "Feed Me" Compost Bin sign in situ:

Garden Personality is here.  More is on the way, I'm thinking.  


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