Using L-Shaped Cinder Blocks For Corners of Backyard Pizza Oven Stand - January 2024

Earlier this week, I posted my 3-D model using LEGO bricks of my proposed wood-fired pizza oven stand that would be built from a couple different sizes of standard cinder blocks - 16x8x8 and 8x8x8.  In that post (and using the model), I determined that I needed 4.5 blocks deep (from front-to-back) and 4 blocks wide (side-to-side).  That gave me a 74" deep by 64" wide block stand.  Or 6'2" deep and 5'4" wide.

But...there's a new development.  At to me, the novice bricklayer.  Turns out, there are 'corner' cinder blocks.   I discovered this fact when I was at Menards looking over the block inventory.  Here's a few photos showing these L-shaped corner-forming cinder blocks below and how they work together with normal blocks.  These are 12" block compatible.

L-shaped corner cinder blocks

L-shaped corner cinder blocks

Below is a drawing from Menards that shows the dimensions of these L-shaped corner cinder blocks in 10" width:
10" L-shaped corner cinder block dimensions

There are so many variables that I still need to work out:  location is first.  Then, height of oven floor and finish materials - do I need to leave room for a brick ledge?   

That would mean that I *might* use 10" cinder blocks at the base and 8" block on top to allow for that ledge to handle the common brick facade.  

All of this to mean that it would appear that my initial math for ordering blocks (listed here) is now wrong.   I figured 58 full blocks and 11 half-blocks.   

Looking at that model, there are 8 corners.  At 4-blocks-high, that would mean 32 corner blocks that would get alternated on each row going up.  

The math isn't simple - meaning I can't subtract those 32 corners from the 58 fulls because they'll *sometimes* replace a full and other times require a half.  It also *might* change the dimensions of the oven in length/width; not to mention the openings.

Before I put in my full order, I'm thinking it might make the MOST sense to go and buy a cart-full of blocks and drystack/layout the oven stand using actual blocks instead of relying on math + LEGOS.

My current thinking is to buy 10" blocks to start, but I can't find 8" corners.  And, weirdly, I can't find 10" half blocks.  So, perhaps I only use the corners on the lower level?  If that's the case, I need far fewer than 32.

I'm figuring that I need to go to Menards and see what I can bring home.   If I can find 10" half blocks and/or 8" corner blocks, then I can easily proceed.  If not...then back to the drawing board.  

Pending what I see in the store, I can layout the footprint of the stand:  6 corners, 8 full and 4 half blocks.  In 10" blocks.  or 8" blocks. 


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