Everillo Sedges Destroyed By Rabbits - February 2024

This Winter has been brutal on our garden thanks to the (dang) rabbits.  The pests apparently set up shop in our beds and feasted on everything they could find.  Including the Oakleaf Hydrangeas.  And all three of our Gold Cone Junipers.  Those two things had material that was well above the snow cover.  But, they were also pretty active BEFORE the snow came.  How do I know?  Have a look at the Everillo Carex that are planted in our backyard.  Sheared right off at the ground:

Carex Everillo Eaten by Rabbits in Zone 6a

The same thing happened in previous seasons - these same Carex Everillos were eaten by rabbits in Fall 2022.  At that I time, I posted the photos with a little surprise - as most sources on the Web say that rabbits will stay away from Sedges.   Not so fast, my friend. 

What does all of this tell me?  I have to go back to being more proactive with chicken wire cages in Fall 2024.  


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