Sedges Eaten by Rabbits - Early Winter - November 2022

I've just about had it with the dang rabbits.  Most recently, I posted some photos of how they've gnawed at one of our contorted trees and one of our evergreens (Mugo Pine).  And, before that, there are a bunch of posts showing these pests eating things up in the garden.   For the most part, the dang! rabbits seem to have focused on everything but the sedges in my garden.  Until.....


That's when I was out puttering around and saw what they had done to a few of the Everillo Sedges - Carex EVERCOLOR everillo.  

I have five of these yellow-green (or some may say chartreuse) sedges planted around the Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree in our backyard.  Three from Fall 2020, two from Spring 2021.   They've done ok in this spot - with some of them growing larger than others, but for the most part, getting established and filling in some bare spots.

This Fall-time damage is a first for these sedges.  I posted about how these same plants were eaten-up by the dang! rabbits late this past Winter/early this Spring.  In that post, I talked about - from what I've read on the Web - that rabbits eating carex/sedges isn't very common.  They said this:

"Rabbits do not typically eat grasses, sedges and ferns, however, there are always exceptions."
Well...guess what? My garden *is* the exception.  Once is a mystery.  Twice - now Spring AND Fall - is a pattern.  


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