Hellebores Emerging For Season - February 2024

I was out in the backyard this week and after walking around and being bummed about all the rabbit (dang rabbits!) damage, my emotions turned back upwards when I walked over to the little colony of Hellebores we have planted underneath some large trees (Walnut and Catalpa).  All of the Hellebores are showing their new 2024 growth emerging from the soil with pink, almond-shaped buds.  Here's a few photos showing this year's growth: 

Ivory Prince Hellebore Early Emergence - Zone 6A

Ivory Prince Hellebore Early Emergence - Zone 6A

Ivory Prince Hellebore Early Emergence - Zone 6A
Ivory Prince Hellebore Emerges in early February in Zone 6a. 

As of this Spring, we had six (6) Hellebores in the garden.  I bought two (Merlin variety) at the Morton Sale and planted them along the existing four (1 Sally's Shell, 3 Ivory Prince).  

As noted in late August, both of the Merlins died.  Didn't even make the Summer.  Bummer.  My first real, true (and VERY FAST) failure from the Morton Sale.  I lost a Maidenhair Fern that I bought in 2021 that very same year, but I think that was due to neglect.  These were something else.  Disease or shock or something.  They NEVER were right.  

Doesn't mean I won't try Hellebores again this Spring at the sale, right?

How does February 1st stack up against the historical emergence dates for these Hellebores?

2024: February 1
2023: February 15
2022: March 18
2021:  March 9

The trend continues - with the past two years seeing February emergence dates.  

What I haven't done a good job of, however, is of tracking the bloom dates.  Like tulips, I think my Hellebores have a history of hesitation.  Sure...they emerge.  But, then they stand still for weeks.  I should start tracking the bloom times for these - starting this year. 


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