Garden Wall Inspiration in Disney's Animal Kingdom - April 2024

One of the garden design components that I've been observing (and thinking about) over the years are garden walls.  I haven't built a garden wall (yet), but it is something I've been trying to figure out how to tuck into our yard in one-way-or-the-other.    The most-likely place has been the bed at the feet of the espalier'd Greenspire Linden trees (that now feature a mass of boxwoods).  

Or out front where the floating mulch/drainage issue remains out-in-front of our front porch bed.  

I've collected some inspiration for walls in various public places including back in 2019 when Gabion-style walls were one of the big trends and in the wild in Lisle.  And I've dreamed about a 'fountain wall' by our patio in back.  

I also have found an example at Disney's Aulani Resort here.  Disney Parks are (for me) a good place to look around at built, landscape environments.  And on a recent trip I was drawn to a retaining wall in Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Below are a couple of photos of this wall that is built from flat stones that are laid into what looked (to me) like mortar and/or concrete.  

Stone Retaining Wall at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Field-stacking flat stones is a creative idea and mortar'ing them in makes the wall firm.  Could this work as a 'low wall' by the Lindens?  Would it be too short to have the same sort of visual impact?


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