Little Napoli and Tiny Tim Tomatoes In Fruit - July 2024

I planted three bush (determinate) tomatoes including a couple of cherry and one (new to me) Roma variety.  The Roma is named Little Napoli and is producing oval-shaped tomatoes on a small, bush-shaped plant.  Below is a peek at the true-to-form Roma green tomatoes so far.  I'd say there's a couple dozen on the small plant. 

Little Napoli - Bush Roma Tomato Plant

And, the Tiny Tim Cherry (also a bush tomato) from the Morton Arboretum is *even more* prolific - as it is COVERED in small, green tomatoes.  

Both are doing better than I expected.  The third bush one that I planted?  Little Bing?  It is behind these two - both in terms of size and fruit.    I think that means I can take some credit on #19 of my 2024 to-do list:  do more with vegetables.  Done and done.  


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