Mr Baseball's Famous Franks - Bob Uecker Hot Dogs from Usinger's in Wisconsin

When we used to go to Michigan, we tried to incorporate Michigan-based foodstuffs into our rotation like this local Michigan beet sugar, local potato chips and these Koegel's hot dogs from (wait for it....Flint, Michigan).  Since we transitioned to Wisconsin, we've done some of the same - and I've chronicled both on-going and one-off Wisconsin foodstuffs like this local root beer, various cheesesNew Glarus beer and...of course...the King of Clubs cold pack club cheese

There's a new entrant from the Usinger's Sausage company:  Mr. Baseball's Famous Franks Beef Frankfurters.  That's Bob Uecker for those non-sports folks (or...really....non Sports-movies people as my introduction to Bob Uecker was as Harry Doyle in the Major League Movies and that Miller Lite Beer commercial - "must be in the front row!").  He does the radio call for the Milwaukee Brewers, so it is a natural to see him involved in hot dogs, right?  Hot dogs and baseball are a natural fit.  But, add in Wisconsin and their sausage heritage and it makes even more sense.

Turns out that Mr. Baseball does more than just hot dogs from Usinger's.  I found this post from a few years ago showing off Bob Uecker bratwurst sausages

Get them when you see them, because - based on the 2nd comment on this post - these sausages and hot dogs are only available during baseball season.   Even though MLB hasn't started their season (thanks, Coronavirus!), let's call it 'baseball season' now, OK?


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