Orange and Yellow Tulip Bulbs Emerging For First Time - New Old Backyard

Woot, woot.  Spring has sprung in our New Old Backyard/Garden.  Or at least...signs of Spring have sprung.  Last fall, I planted 30 bulbs near the fence line on the southside of our property.  15 Yellow Triumph Tulips.  And 15 Orange Darwin Hybrid Tulips.  And on a recent walk around the yard, we discovered these tips emerging from the soil.  Above, you can see a close up a two of them. 

And down below, you can see many more of them.   I didn't count them, but it didn't seem like 30 bulbs had broken through. 

What is interesting to me is that the tips are coming up red.  They almost appear like peony shoots, don't they? 

I've documented tulips (and other bulbs) emerging from the ground for the past few Springs.  Here's a look at them from 2017 that I posted in late February.  These mature bulbs are way further past the new ones in this post.  And here's the photo from 2016.  Both of those were at Equation Boy/Man's house. 

And speaking of the New Old Garden.  I've been thinking about how to name it.  New Old was always a placeholder, as it stuck from the house build.  I've been reading up on garden names including all of the ones Martha Stewart has had (Berkshire Cottage, Turkey Hill, Lily Pond, Greenfield Hill, Skylands, and Cantitoe Farms) and thinking about some of the natural features of our property (Walnut trees, Oak trees, shade, severe pitch near the house, the (soon to be) introduction of hornbeams) and tinkering with various naming conventions.  Maybe Hornbeam Hill or Walnut Hill or Walnut Farm, or since we're getting various birds, maybe something with a bird name? 


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