Firewood Storage Shed Dreaming - July 2018

Via Firewood Victoria
Just like the various versions of my shop workbench that I've posted about (and dreamed about and finally settled on), I've done the same with a firewood storage shed.  Above is the latest 'dream' firewood storage shed that I've come across.  The photo above comes from a Canadian Lumber Company's site.  You can find the original source image here.  

Last year, you might recall the pile of wood that I chopped myself and stuck on a rack that I had outside our backdoor.  Here's the 'before/after' photo collage. And in early January, I posted a photo of the face cord that we ordered and had stacked.  You'll note that the face cord was stacked in our screened porch and it was too big for the metal rack that I had on hand.  We blew through the face cord of wood before the season ended and I did one check-in (February) trying to document the usage.  

This season there are some new dynamics to factor:

1.  Nat doesn't want the wood stored/stacked in the screened porch.  Last year, we had no furniture in there and it was just fine to have the mess that the wood created.  This year?  We have a flooring cover, new furniture and the space is a bit more constricted.

2.  I'm planning on getting two face cords delivered.  And getting them earlier in the season.  Last year, we used the wood we had on hand and that got us pretty close to Christmas.  This year?  We're starting with no wood, so the delivery will have to come late this Summer so we can enjoy s'mores and such this Fall.

So, all of that leads me to the path of building some soft of firewood storage shed that can be placed outside and have some sort of smaller wood storage in the screened porch.  So, combined with the small bin of wood we keep fireside, we'll have two other stages: next step storage in the screened porch.  And deep storage in the 'shed'.

The shed you see above is way more than we need, but it has a bunch of elements that I really like:  the roofline is interesting, the sides and back are closed in and it appears to be able to hold quite a bit of wood.   

I'm thinking the one I'll build will be deep enough for just one layer of wood (16" to 20" deep) and two face cords wide/tall.  I have a spot on the side of the screened porch that I think would accommodate a structure that is about five feet tall and has enough space side-to-side to handle a shed of sorts.  Being up against the house, I'm thinking that the two-sided roof isn't quite right for us, but maybe I can incorporate it into the plans.  

In terms of construction, I have a bunch of cedar lumber laying around the garage from when our fence was installed, so I'm probably 1/2 way there in terms of materials.  

Once I get the prototype wall-hung bench done in the garage, I'll move on to building out the firewood shed with the goal of being able to order our wood before Labor Day.  


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