Vintage Big Mac McDonald's Glass - Added to Cupboards

Unlike the 1986 Marshall Field's Christmas Mug and the vintage Disneyland tray, this Big Mac McDonald's glass from the 1980's ended up coming home with us.  After a quick run through the dishwasher, this Big Mac glass took it's rightful place next to the other vintage glasses in my everyday use collection including these Muppets McDonald's glasses, this Snoopy one, this Chipettes one, and this White Sox 'Winning Ugly' glass.  

They're all things that I remember in from my childhood and are all bought for less than a buck a piece.  If you're about my age, you totally remember these, right? 

This Big Mac one is from a set of five featuring: Mayor McCheese, Hamburgler, Ronald, Big Mac himself, Captain Crook (who's he??) and Grimace.  

Of course, I'll be trying to complete the set.  


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